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Regardless of how active the leader is, it is necessary to provide a corner for rest. In the headmaster’s office, the square allows you to create a place for informal negotiations, in which we placed a comfortable sofa, a couple of armchairs and a small coffee table. The workplace was located away from daylight, and next to large panoramic windows with stunning views of the city center, a sofa zone was created in which headmaster can relax or continue conversation. Properly organized lighting is an important part of the office interior, so we used diffused light to softly illuminate the ceiling. The walls were made of 3d panels to add nuances to the monochrome interior.


The most important for us that the client knows what design he will receive, so we pay great attention to the presentation and project submission, creating realistic visualizations. But the most important thing is to realize the “picture”. Based on visualization, we create detailed design documentation that allows us to translate our plans into reality. The better the project, the better the result.


For the exterior decoration of the walls of the house, we left our choice on clinker tiles using a special technology of firing with adding coal. There are advantages: high frost resistance and low moisture absorption. The color chosen by us is also not an accident, it is in harmony with the environment, and the client likes it. Houses made of such material look modern and at the same time minimalistic. We did not cover the terrace but used a retractable awning to maintain lightness and create a play of shadows. And, of course, protect the living room from the sun in the summer heat. The awning for the terrace is controlled by a cord mechanism and is very simple and convenient to use. The fabric moves along special guides without any effort, which in a matter of seconds, in case of light rain or sun, allows you to close the entire terrace. The awning for the terrace is installed on aluminum racks, which are specially created for this system and look very organically in the complex. The awning is made of high-strength textile, which is resistant to wear and fading in the sun.