DAGROUP — design&architecture




Every project and place represent a set of unique characteristics. That’s why home is a special place for everyone and for every surrounding. We strive to discover and refine those properties in order to place every detail to its space and reflect client’s aspirations. We believe that those details give us more than just a sum of separate parts.  And we know what we must do to achieve that, how to create a contemporary and comfortable home.

“Less is more”.  We follow this slogan in creation of our interior spaces and furniture. We care about materials, their texture,  tactile feelings, durability, practical and ecological issues.


Sometimes we know about you and what is comfortable for you more than you do: how your day begins, what you do first. We know how to turn your making-coffee routine into the best moment of the whole day and where to put your socks.

Our life is not only a series of events and tasks, it’s more about emotions. Today you feel happy and want to hang out with friends, but tomorrow you may want some privacy.

From our perspective, making a home means creating the space that can combine all range of various psychological characteristics.

However, we don’t support the idea that architect’s task is just to implement all clients’ desires. It’s more about listening, understanding and creating such a space that client doesn’t even dream about.


We choose all materials meticulously, one after another, and throughout the dialogue with client. We think how to use every material: wood, stone, iron, concrete.

Our interiors are monochromatic. It’s you who will fill them with love, sadness, respect or disappointment.

We handle light with care. It’s like water: in big amounts it can be compared with flood washing everything away. Light always puts emphasis on moments and details.